The City of Vaughan has two different sewer systems: Storm sewers and sanitary sewers.

Storm sewers
Storm sewers, carry rain and melted snow away from homes and roads through large grates on the ground, known as catch basins. Anything entering a catch basin enters the storm sewer system and goes directly into the nearest stormwater management pond, creek, river and eventually travels to Lake Ontario. This was is not treated before entering back into the water cycle.
Catch Basines

Sanitary sewers
Maintenance access holes found on the street, connect to sanitary sewers. The sanitary sewer collects wastewater that leaves homes and buildings through a drain in a home, such as a toilet, sink, washer, or shower and help move it to a wastewater treatment facility. 
Maintenance Hole

The following issues may be reported for a catch basin or maintenance access holes: missing or damaged catch basin/maintenance access hole cover, blocked catch basin or not draining, catch basin dumping, odours, chemical or other hazardous material spills on roads or down catch basins. 

Reporting an issue with a catch basin or maintenance access point: