Completing a driveway or front lawn landscaping work

If you are paving, resurfacing, excavating, or landscaping your driveway or front lawn, never touch or cover your curb box. 

To avoid unnecessary damage and costly repairs, follow these steps before your renovation work begins:

1. If you are excavating, locate all your utility lines first.Contact Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 to schedule an      inspection. Under Ontario regulations, this is the law.

2. A minimum of two weeks before work begins, request an            inspection. Call Access Vaughan at 905-832-2281.

3. A water operator will come and locate any curb boxes that are under your driveway or property.

It is the responsibility of the property owner to contact the City for inspection. A contractor is not authorized to complete this work. If the curb box gets damaged by contractors, the City will make the repairs and property owners will be charged for the damage to City property.

Crubbox Driveway  Curbbox Grass